A Top Cleaning involves removing all pipework from 8 foot length for cleaning and removing all dirt and dust from soundboard level upwards.


This operation is designed to return the organ to good speech, tone and make tuning reliable by removing all dirt, dust and dead flies etc from inside the pipes. The actions will be adjusted and re-set as possible without dismantling.


The following work will be carried out during a Top Cleaning. 

The organ will be dismantled in order to gain access to the pipework and the Key and Pedal actions. The pipework, up to 8-foot length, will be removed to ground level. All dirt and dust will be removed from soundboard level upward by use of vacuum cleaner. All cleaned surfaces will be wiped down.

The pipes will be individually cleaned, damaged metal pipes being rounded out in the body and repaired, wooden pipes being checked for splits and repaired. Stopped pipes will be greased and stoppers re-fitted. All Reed stops will be dismantled; shallots and tongues will be cleaned and re-set.

The slider soundboards will have the rackboards, upperboards and slides removed and cleaned. The tables will be inspected for splits and repaired as necessary. Broken slides will be repaired. All slides and upperboards will be trued up and lubricated on re-assembly for smooth operation. Faceboards will be removed; pallet boxes and pallets will be cleaned. The pull downs will be oiled for smooth operation.

The sliderless soundboards will have rackboards removed and the tops cleaned off. The faceboards will be removed for internal cleaning. Pallets will be cleaned.  


Swell Box.

The Swell Box will be re-sealed and painted to assist tonal egress. Shutters will be re-felted if necessary and pins will be greased. Any wear in the mechanical action will be taken up.

Key and Stop Actions.
These will be adjusted and regulated for smooth working order.



The organ will be carefully reassembled and mechanisms adjusted to the best operation consistent with the original design. The pipework will be re-set and regulating for speech and volume, before being fine-tuned to the existing pitch. The volume of every pipe will be tested against a sound level meter to ensure even volume throughout. The organ will be left in good working order and allowed to settle during normal use.

On completion the work detailed will be guaranteed for 10 years.
This guarantee will be valid under a tuning contract with Peter Spencer Ltd. for regular tuning & maintenance.