During a full cleaning and overhaul, everything is dismantled and cleaned. This is a very thorough job where the organ is returned to pristine condition throughout.  


The following work is carried out to return the organ to good working order. This is a general schedule as although organs follow four main patterns of action, (tracker, pneumatic, electro pneumatic and electric) every organ is slightly different and must be treated as individual.  



The organ will be dismantled as required to gain access to the key and stop actions; interior pipes being removed to ground level. The organ will be thoroughly cleaned; dust and dirt being removed by vacuum cleaner. All surfaces will be wiped down.



The pipes will be individually cleaned, damaged metal pipes being rounded out in the body and repaired, wooden pipes being checked for splits and repaired. Stopped pipes will be greased and stoppers re-fitted. All reed stops will be dismantled, cleaning all tongues and shallots. 

Bellows and Reservoirs.

If required the bellows and reservoirs will be removed and completely re-leathered, replacing all tapes on safety valves.



The slider soundboards will have the rackboards, upperboards and slides removed and cleaned. The tables will be inspected for splits and repaired as necessary. Broken slides will be repaired. All slides and upperboards will be trued up and lubricated on re-assembly for smooth operation. Faceboards will be removed; pallet boxes and pallets will be cleaned. The pallet springs will be re-set and pull downs will be oiled.

The sliderless soundboards will have rackboards removed and the tops cleaned off. The faceboards will be removed for internal cleaning. Pallets will be cleaned and springs re-set.


Expression Boxes.
The Swell Box will be re-sealed and painted to assist tonal egress. Shutters will be re-felted and pins will be greased. Any wear in the mechanical action will be taken up.



Wind control valves will be opened up, cleaned and adjusted. Control tapes and cords will be replaced with new. Counterbalances will be checked, adjusted and lubricated for free quiet operation. Wind trunks will be checked for leakage and made sound. Conveyances will be checked and made secure.
Attention to the electric blower is not included.


Key & Stop Actions.
The mechanical actions will be dismantled as necessary and cleaned, repairing any broken trackers. The buttons and cloths will be replaced with new. The actions will be lubricated and re-set for smooth working order.

Pedal Board.
The Pedal Board will be re-felted and all free movement removed to ensure quiet reliable operation.

Console Fittings.
Clean and regulate manual keys, adjust bat pins to take up loose play, lubricate and replace felts as necessary. Check and reline loose or worn  drawstop jamb bushes.

The organ will be carefully reassembled and mechanisms adjusted to the best operation consistent with the original design. The pipework will be re-set and regulating for speech and volume using sound level meters, before being fine-tuned to the existing pitch. The organ will be left in good working order and allowed to settle during normal use.

On completion the work detailed will be guaranteed for 10 years.